Sustainability comes from within

At Sasib, we recognize that our success as a company is closely tied to the health of our planet and the well-being of our employees. As such, we are committed to promoting internal sustainability throughout every facet of our organization. 

Our commitment to internal sustainability begins with our facilities. We strive to ensure that our buildings and operations minimize our impact on the environment. This includes implementing energy-efficient systems, using renewable energy sources wherever possible, reducing waste, and promoting recycling. Additionally, we regularly review our practices and look for ways to make improvements that benefit both our business and the environment. 

But what  are we actually doing?  

This is a short list of the most recent improvements we promoted: 

  • Relamping of first floor and ground floor office lights, replacement of old fluorescent ceiling lights with LED ceiling lights, with a drastic reduction in consumption.  

  • BMS system (building automation) centralized management of the systems; this allows:

  1. further management of the lights through dimerization based on the filtering daylight; the system provides for a further 10% reduction in consumption 

  2. management of the sunscreen system with self-regulation according to the external light; this solution also has repercussions on the heating of the fixtures and consequent improvement of the work environments (first floor offices), and decrease in cooling consumption in the summer period 

  3. management of the factory sheds, with centralized control connected to the barometric tower. In the near future, the opening of the sheds will also be managed at night during the summer season. This intervention (assuming a sudden change in temperature) must prevent the building from heating up. Taking this assumption into consideration, consumption for cooling the rooms in the production area should be lowered

  • Creation of the first electric charging station: completed in 2022, it is the first electric charging station for company vehicles among Coesia Companies.  

In all that we do, our commitment to internal sustainability  is ongoing and constantly evolving. We believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our planet and our employees, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact wherever we can. We are proud of our commitment to internal sustainability and will continue to work toward creating a more sustainable future for all! 

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