Maintenance services

Maintenance Services

SASIB minimizes equipment downtime supplying remote assistance in machine troubleshooting and machine restart, on call service interventions, support in moving equipment from one site to another,  fast restart of an equipment in case of issues or maintenance.


Incident Management and Troubleshooting

Even technology can fail. 
SASIB technical team is always available to support customers in solving issues, whenever they occur.


Technical services

Customers can count on SASIB technicians remote help or a rapid on-site support in case of a more specific intervention.


Equipment relocation & decommissioning

SASIB can provide a fully comprehensive support to customers in relocating their existing machines from one site to another. The service includes all necessary equipment for a safe and reliable relocation, guidance on compliance with regulations, technical and logistical know-how. Machine updates, size changes, safety updates, or a partial or full rebuildings can also be supplied.



Backup groups are pre-assembled, quick-replacement units; they are composed of machine and/or size parts.
Backup groups speed-up maintenance operations and minimize machine downtimes in case of breakdown, maintenance, adjustments or size-changes.
Only removing the group in use and replacing it with the interchangeable one permits to get quickly back into production. The removed group can be overhauled while the machine is still in production.