Training and Documentation

Training and Documentation

SASIB offers technical training to operators and maintenance teams both in class and at customer's site. It aims to support the technicians in the correct machine handling.
In addition, a complete library of technical documents allows the correct operation of equipment.



SASIB organises customer staff training courses to teach operators how to obtain maximum performance from SASIB machines. 
Operator courses teach staff to be totally familiar with machines and their operational requirements. 
In-depth courses are also available for personnel involved in maintenance, technical intervention and servicing. 
SASIB technical training staff members are highly specialised and their expertise is aimed at teaching the following:
- correct phasing, setting and adjustment procedure
- ability to identify and resolve problems rapidly
- proficiency in general machine maintenance
- most efficient use of spare parts
- capacity to perform brand and size-group change-over.


Technical coaching

Following the intallation process, SASIB technical team will guide customer operators into the last phase of the training making them as confident as possible with the machine operations.



Additional sets of customised documentation can be requested by the customer. Manuals and spare parts catalogues are available in hard or soft copies. 
Spare parts catalogues in electronic format are constantly updated to include all updates made on machines (size-group changes, upgrades, kits, accessories) to show latest machine configurations. 
The manuals are written in the customer’s native language, when possible.