Research, Develop, Innovate

SASIB has been demonstrating a remarkable commitment to innovation through robust Research and Development (R&D) initiatives, allocating an impressive 43% of total technical office work hours to pioneering projects. 

This dedication resulted in the commencement of 8 ambitious new machines, positioning SASIB at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. 

The company's core strategy revolves around a profound commitment to fulfilling each customer's precise needs: this requires a serious dedication to new initiatives, and completely personalized lines with a high focus on flexibility and productivity.

Noteworthy among these endeavors are sustainable initiatives for cartoners, introducing environmentally conscious practices to the production line. SASIB's strategic emphasis on R&D not only highlights its technological capability, but also solidifies its position as an industry leader, sensitive to the dynamic landscape of customer requirements. 

By prioritizing innovation, SASIB continues to shape the future of manufacturing with forward-thinking solutions that address both current and emerging market needs.

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