Equipment Modernization

Equipment Modernization

SASIB portfolio of solutions enhances machine functionality by installing the latest technological features on existing equipment or bringing it as close as possible to new machine conditions. 
Customers are provided with different solutions of sizes/formats to run additional products on the same production line. 


Upgrades & Kits

SASIB develops upgrade kits to add value to previously installed machines by increasing performance, improving product quality, and reducing production costs. Innovative solutions and applications are implemented on new-generation machines. 
Retrofits allow customers to standardise machines from different generations within the same plant.  


Size and Change Over Parts

SASIB provides solutions that enable customers to change product format on complete make/pack lines or on individual machines.  
Kit installation can be performed by SASIB technicians or by the customer. For customer installation SASIB provides complete technical documentation and assembly instructions.  
The kit can be supplied in single parts, or in pre-assembled modules to permit rapid substitution reducing machine down-time to a minimum. 


Rebuilding & Refurbishment

SASIB offers rebuilding service including installation, line protocol and, when requested, staff training by SASIB technicians.  The service includes complete machine disassembly, replacement of all worn parts, raising the machine to top quality performance standards and incorporating the latest technical innovations to provide a completely renewed machine.  All electrical parts are also removed and replaced with a new PLC system, motors, sensors, and new operator interface with touch-screen display.  
At the end of the process machines are tested following overhaul and rebuilding. Complete technical documentation such as user manual and spare parts catalogue are provided.