SCA scatole2

It's all about the SCA

The SCA is the recently developed machine which our customers already got to know for various productions, among which we find the molasses packages. 

What’s new then? 

SASIB leverage the versatility of this machine to explore new shapes of application for the carton boxes: the single-track cartoner can be indeed used for several solutions which imply many original closure systems, among which we find the tuck-in flap packet, the tuck-round, the lighter. Dedicated models can be, of course, designed on request

Furthermore, with different feeding systems, the SCA can run with different products, from flowpack to special inner bundle in Shell&Slide configuration. 

This range of possibilities is also supported by a quick size change

The areas of application of the SCA are crossing the tobacco products borders: thanks to the collaboration with GF, SASIB is ready to enter the pharmaceutical field.  

Stay tuned to find out our newest solutions! 

Sustainability comes from within SASIB SMK: your all-in-one winning solution