Different fields of innovation

Machines for special products

Throughout the years SASIB has dedicated particular attention in developing solutions for making and packing other tobacco products, such as snuss, molasses and MYO overcoming technological limits in newly emerging markets, different from traditional tobacco industry. In addition, SASIB can provide excellent and efficient customer support for developing new projects and providing alternatives to traditional products. New products packaging has taken on specific characteristics which are quite different from those used previously. Packets now have a variety of new shapes, sizes and opening systems, and  SASIB packers feature a unique wrapping cycle different from other hard packing machines making it particularly suitable for new products packet forms. 



Technological Innovation

SASIB has set up a technological upgrading and a succesfull renewal program for its machine range, also adapting G.D high-speed technology to medium-speed machines. The innovations result in machines with the highest quality and flexibility standards required in current markets making SASIB the leader in this type of production speed category. Market-driven approach enables SASIB to develop new technological solutions that best fit to this tobacco industry segment.

Sustainable Innovation

SASIB, as part of Coesia group, is committed to sustainable business development practices that make the most efficient use of natural resources and energy with minimal environmental impact. 
To better incorporate sustainability into every facet of the production cycle, the Research and Development departments work to create new hydrodynamic, thermal and electrical project designs aimed at reducing energy consumption (motor drivers, power supply, cooling systems, vacuum air compression) and drastically reducing machine CO2 output at customers' plants.