The new Sasib SLM and SLM Flex: High-Speed Precision Labeling

The Sasib SLM is a high-performance machine designed specifically for can labeling. This innovative system boasts a production speed of up to 160 ppm, ensuring efficient and rapid label application on your products.

Built with a modular architecture, the SLM offers exceptional flexibility to adapt to your specific labeling needs. This modular design allows for seamless integration into existing production lines and future modifications based on your evolving needs.

Furthermore, the machine utilizes a master-slave solution for bobbin changes, eliminating any speed reduction during this process and keeping your labeling operation running smoothly without interruptions.

The machine is equipped with an array of features designed to guarantee precise and reliable labeling.  Vision systems ensure consistent label quality control, while label orientation grants perfect alignment on each can.  Servo motors empower easy and precise adjustments, along with real-time corrections for on-the-fly label positioning.

With the same machine concept, the SST tax stamper can be added, completing the line.

For even greater adaptability, you can also opt for the SLM Flex – a specialized labeling machine for both round and non-round cans. This innovative solution utilizes three delta robots to ensure precise product orientation during the labeling process. The SLM Flex offers the unique capability of applying side labels and tax stamps within the same module, eliminating the need for a standalone stamper.  Furthermore, the machine operates in continuous motion, maximizing labeling efficiency.

With both the SLM and SLM Flex, Sasib delivers a comprehensive solution for high-speed, high-quality labeling.  Based on specific requests, these machines can also be adapted to various shapes of cans, and other packaging solutions.

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