Our SFT line success

The SFT is the latest and most innovative make-pack line on the market for MYO (Maker-Your-Own) filter tubes production.

Since its development, SASIB  sold over 15 make-pack lines (composed of SFT-M and SFT-P machines combined), which have been already installed in Europe, Middle East and Far East, and more lines are expected to be ordered during the year.

SASIB is proud to state that these machines have successfully passed the acceptance protocol with an output rate of over 90%.

With the SFT, SASIB has achieved impressive results in the filter tubes machinery market thanks to its recently developed high technology which allows to bring the production speed up to 7,200 tubes per minute, packed in a range of different sized boxes containing from 100 to 500 filter tubes, and to its very easy and quick switch from one filter tube collation to another one.

As well as technological innovations, the SFT features strong points such as its space-saving design compared to the other lines currently existing on the market, and the need of only one operator for the packer.

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