In 2015, SASIB will celebrate the centenary of its foundation.

SASIB began its activity as a mechanical industry supplier, later converting to become a machinery producer for the tobacco industry.  

After the Second World War, it entered the AMF group and rapidly became the world leader in the packaging market for the tobacco sector and for the railway signal sector.  

It has been part of the Coesia group since 2011. This takeover relaunched the brand with upgrading and development of new maker and packer models for tobacco manufacturers, in the medium and slow speed sector. The synergy with G.D., another Coesia group company, has produced considerable benefits, both technical and commercial.

Since 2013, SASIB has embarked on a new stage of development, presenting new machines to take best advantage of the market. For example, the recent introduction of the “filter tube” line has permitted them to make rapid and successful progress in this sector. Projects for new machinery have been developed at the same time.  

While SASIB celebrates its past history, at the same time, it has been laying the bases for real and concrete possibilities for future development.

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