Cigars and cigarillos: solutions at your fingertips

G.D, SASIB and Molins, as part of Regulated Market Solutions division of Coesia Group, combining expertise and know-how, offer a complete and wide range of making-packing solutions to produce cigars and cigarillos. 

The cigars-cigarillos maker-packer machine pool includes all the options required from the market. 

SMK-C is the SASIB high flexibility rod maker for cigars and cigarillos. 

The Molins Mark9 cigarillos maker is the most suitable solution for medium/low speed requirements.

The G.D cigarillos finishing machine CTU (Cut & Turn unit) trims the ends, applies the additional cork paper, cuts and turns the double rods coming from the maker. 

As a flexible and modular concept, additional equipment could be easily integrated, like quality inspection camera and laser perforation. 

G.D presents the IS800, the highest speed single wraps cigar machine by continuous motion which, if needed, applies a wood or plastic tip. 

The packing solution includes the SASIB SCA for both cigarillos and cigars, the new compact cartoner capable of producing up to 250 packages per minute from pre-glued blanks, and the G.D X2, the well-known packing line with production speed up to 420 ppm with cigarettes. 

The offer is completed by G.D with the electronic XM, which is highly flexible and allows to choose from a wide variety of packages and dimensions. 

A complete range of very high performance solutions is thus envisaged, in order to guarantee the coverage of production need, and satisfy all tobacco business demand.


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