new website

A new website for SASIB

SASIB has the pleasure to announce that its new website is now on line. Thanks to the linear contents structure and the new  graphic design, web users will have the chance of experiencing easy web navigation.

Specifically focused on  new technologies and special product development, SASIB manufactures automatic machinery for the tobacco industry and is specialised in cigarette making and packing, filter tubes, and machines for other tobacco products (OTP).

Surfing the new SASIB  website it is possible to access the company portfolio in the dedicated area;  filtering it by technology different  machine types become available. Alternatively the most suitable solution for your business sector can be found choosing between the different industries: Tobacco, Other Tobacco Products  or New Generation Products.

Thanks to a strong synergy, SASIB together with G.D, Molins, and Cerulean offer  the tobacco industry a complete support of machines and measurement equipment, which users can easily find surfing  the new section dedicated to the ”Tobacco Companies”: from this section it will be possible to have rapid access to each company website and find the most suitable solution for every business.

The new website is also available in the mobile version, giving customers the opportunity of keeping in contact with SASIB everywhere.

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