Sasib is pleased to introduce the new version of the Filter Tube Packer for MYO products (Make-Your-Own). Designed and developed with the machines of the latest generation, the new SFT Packer is capable of combining high production speed with high flexibility, and is distinguished by its being preset for the implementation of optional devices and upgrade kits.

Thanks to the employment of brushless motors of the most recent generation, this packer can perform a complete box changeover in just a few minutes, without the necessity of any mechanical adjustments. It guarantees the possibility of handling from 100 to 500 tubes per box in a quite simple and reliable manner.

The machine versatility also permits offering various closure systems to meet the most different requirements: standard glue closure, tuck-in closure and closure with safety flaps.

Flexibility comes hand in hand with high reliability: the packer can be equipped with the most modern quality checks (vision system) to permit the complete exam of the number of tubes present in the box.

The packer is oil free and requires just minimum maintenance, which helps guarantee the non-contamination of the final product.

All the above advantages are present in an extremely compact machine, with overall dimensions of just 7,5 x 1,6 m.
Thanks to these characteristics the SFT-P is a solution easily adaptable to the necessities of the filter tubes market, a sector that is constantly ad quickly evolving.

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